About us

Technology Transparency Foundation is an Association that aims to be a voice for citizens on issues related to information technology and governance in India. The issues that we care about include - 
  • Voter-verified paper trail for EVMs
  • Protecting Aadhaar data, from the point of view of national security as well as individual privacy
  • Security of the public-key infrastructure in India, which is critical for software and hardware integrity
  • Universal broadband access
  • Transparent and participatory governance through technology
  • Nation-wide delivery of high quality education through e-learning, especially Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
  • Faster and more accessible justice, through use of information technology in the judicial system
  • Use of geographical information systems (GIS) for better administration, planning, and accurate land records
  • Promoting the digital economy through secure micro-payments
  • Promotion of semiconductor fabrication and hardware manufacturing in India
  • Advocacy of policies friendly towards research, development and new entrepreneurship, so as to foster a vibrant technology ecosystem in India
The founding members of Technology Transparency Foundation are 

If you care about the above issues, you are very welcome to join us, and participate in our forum

Our contact information is available here.